All You Need to Know about How to Use 1xBet Bonus

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1xBet has gained popularity over the years due to the wide range of bonuses available. The platform delights its users with lots of bonuses when they join as a new member as well as with regular use.

A lot of users especially those who recently joined the platform do not really know how to utilize the 1xBet bonus. Either that or they do not see know how their bonuses can be used all the time and offer conditions. Bonus guidelines are quite specific and you need to familiarise yourself with them another thing again full access to the benefits of the many bonuses. The bonus is available to users in numerous regions including India.

Here we will examine in-depth how to properly utilize the bonus in addition to all the rules and guidelines so that you can optimise the benefits of your 1xBet bonus account

Learn about What 1xBet Bonuses Are

Learn about What 1xBet Bonuses Are

Only 1xBet platform, a bonus is the funds you receive which you can use to place bets.
If you want to access a bonus you must make a deposit first to your account.

The actual amount of your deposit determines the amount of your bonus. With each type of bonus, there are corresponding 1xBet bonus rules you need to adhere to.

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All You Need to Know about the Welcome 1xBet bonus

Immediately you register on the 1xBet platform you should get a bonus 1xBet. The welcome bonus is aimed at encouraging new users to continue to use the platform.

The welcome bonus on the 1xBet platform is by far one of the most outstanding to have been offered to users on any platform worldwide. You can get €1500 and 150 spins in the casino!
1xBet bonus is split into a quart of bonuses.

They are;

  • 100% bonus up to 300 euros and 30 spins free available at first deposit
  • 50% bonus up to 350 euros and 35 spins free available at second deposit
  • 25% bonus up to 400 euros and 40 spins free available upon your third deposit
  • 25% bonus up to 450 euros and 45 spins free available on your fourth deposit.

These bonuses are available once you are in compliance with all bonus regulations. Once you are credited with a bonus you can decide how you wish to use your 1xBet bonus account. If you are wondering how your bonus can be used, you are at liberty to decide whatever you want to do and what tournament or games you want to play with them.

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Use Your 1xBet Deposit bonus

Use Your 1xBet Deposit bonus

Besides the amount bonus 1xBet gives you upon completing your registration on the platform, you can also get a bonus once the first deposit is made. The bonus from your first deposit can be taken away. The bonus is 100% as well that means that you will get the exact amount of your deposit as a bonus just like that you win before you even play. The biggest bonus you can get is €130. To get such a bonus amount, you need to deposit at least €100 and enter the 1xBet promo code India.

Once you make your first deposit your hundred first deposit bonus is activated immediately. Take note that you have to turn over your 1xBet deposit bonus three days after you made your deposit. After 3 days this balance will expire. Also, you cannot combine the 1xBet deposit bonus with other promo offers. It is important to take note of the rules governing your first deposit bonus so as to fully utilize the bonus 1xBet.

Getting Familiar with 1xBet bonus rules

Good knowledge of the rules of 1xBet bonus will help ensure that your first 1xBet deposit is a much more profitable experience. The T&C of the website and in the app however here’s a shorter version to help you understand them better.

  • You must deposit at least one euro to receive a 100% bonus that will be available for you to use.
  • When you receive your first deposit bonus, you must turn it over at least five times using accumulator bets.
  • Turnover must be done with a minimum of 3 events.
  • The required odds to use the turnover is a minimum of 1.4
  • You must be in a region where the service reaches. You can check the list of available countries before making a move.
  • Your first deposit will expire after 30 days and you need to gamble with it before 30 days.
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1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules and Other Types of Promotions

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

In addition to the welcome 1xBet and the 1xBet deposit bonus, there are some other offers available on the platform. Here are some promotions you can get on the 1xBet

  1. Daily jackpot. The platform has amazing jackpot bonuses and fortunately for you, there are some daily ones. You will qualify for the prize pool as well as a jackpot bonus immediately you begin betting. The promotion covers everything in the 1xBet casino with only a few exceptions like PF dice, Pachinko, Roulette 21 online, and PF roulettes.
  2. Lucky Friday. The platform decided Friday’s should be the more special with the introduction of a lucky 1xBet Friday bonus. This promotion gives users the chance to get 100 Euros each Friday. Be sure to check and they 1xBet happy Friday bonus terms before entering this promotion.
  3. Lucky day. The 1xBet platform is filled with many promotions as well as daily promotions. The daily 1xBet bonus operates like this; Users have to obtain a ticket on the offer page which qualifies you to earn promo points. There is a randomized selection process to determine the winners. Zero risk bets as much as 10 euros. These bets are referred to as “no-risk” because they offer users a refund if their bets do not win. This bonus 1xBet promotion works if you place your bet after the promo has begun. Once you are included in the promotion you will play with your money. You receive a full refund of any amount you have up to 10 euros. The 1xBet bonus is a great advantage.
  4. X2 Wednesday Day promotion. When you participate in the Friday offer, and fully understand the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules you can access the Wednesday promo. You can place a bet on sports in events with a minimum of 1.4 odds to win 100 euros. Please note that one-euro deposit must be made in order to get credited. You can increase your chances of winning with the bonus of 1xBet Wednesday.
  5. Birthday bonuses. On your special day, 1xBet will celebrate with you by awarding a bonus to you. You can use this bonus however you wish. As with other bonuses there are 1xBet bonus conditions for the birthday bonus. You can get access to these rules by reading the 1xBet terms & conditions.

The one express platforms office multiple promotions granting you access to a wide range of bonuses including but not limited to the Monday bonus amongst others all of which are easy to get.

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Acquaint Yourself with the 1xBet Friday bonus terms and conditions

You should not participate in any promotion without fully understanding the 1xBet bonus rules.

Here is a compilation of the 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules.

  1. You must make a minimum deposit of one euro to activate your bonus.
  2. You will be credited in your bonus account immediately you then have to bet your bonus three times within 24 hours. This aspect of 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules is important as you might forfeit your bonus.
  3. The bonus is valued at 100% of your deposit as much as 100 euros.
  4. You are entitled to have one bonus every Friday.

Everything You Need to Know about the 1xBet bonus account

1xBet bonus account

The 1xBet platform caters to its members with such care and gifts them with bonuses periodically. These bonuses are available to both new and existing users. You can get a 1xBet deposit bonus immediately after opening your 1xBet account. As you continue to use the platform you will gain access to other bonuses.

If you use the platform well enough you could gain access to a VIP refund program which allows you to access cashback bonuses. The 1xBet bonus account can be obtained by following the guide below:

  1. Obtain the promo code and access the casino when you will have access to the copper level.
  2. Bet and your choice of the many casino games available. Take your pick from slots blackjack or live casino. From this, you will gain experience and grow your bonus account.
  3. Rack up as many points as possible. This point will get you cashback and if you work hard you will reach a VIP level.
  4. You can withdraw your returned funds any time. However, withdrawals are limited to once in seven days.
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Enjoy Playing 1xBet Bonus Games

1xBet games a special feature of your VIP status. The bonus account gives you access to play games in the casino and grow your status. The game of adding casino bets to the platform is to encourage users to have fun while improving their betting experience while standing a chance to get a 1xBet bonus.

You will see various games categories on the platform including but not limited to;

  • Baccarat.
  • Poker.
  • Blackjack.
  • Roulette

These games will help you win games bonuses while having fun.

Conclusion on different types of 1xBet bonuses

When you join 1xBet, you might be unfamiliar with the terrain and you might wonder about the bonuses. You might also ask how to use 1xBet bonus and also what the conditions are.

You will find the answers about 1xBet deposit bonus as well as all the other information do you need including information needed to set up your account. By now, you should have all the information that should need as well as the guidance to take advantage of bonus codes.

By now you should also know how to redeem 1xBet bonus, as well as how to withdraw the bonus and how to use the bonus.Get free registration bonus

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